I have been working on helping myself live more in the moment, just what this blog is all about! I often need help being present and creating the life that feels a little bit other than my every day, so today I did just that. As I meditated on being present this morning in yoga class, and really feeling all the things around me that make me feel alive, I was inspired to take in this amazing city and what it offers for a “staycation”. So after taking an excellent yoga class, I found myself heading to the same cafe that I always go to, sort of a “sunday ritual” if you will. There was sure to be great coffee and snacks, and because this is SF, there was also sure to be a line.  I circled for parking a couple of times and I became acutely aware that I was betraying my meditative practice by sort of blindly doing what I always do. With that, I decided to head to Hayes Valley which, with its park and semipermanent coffee, juice and let us not forget the ice cream pop ups seemed the perfect in town getaway. (The fact that my fave candy shop, Miette is also there doesn’t hurt) 

A stunning day in SF is only complimented by a cute brunch spot and an afternoon cocktail....don’t mind if I do. As I found myself walking to get a coffee as I normally would, I stopped myself yet again, walking by Pepitios, a newish Mexican joint, I quickly spied a seat at the bar. (as many of you know, my fave pastime in town or out) I hopped up, eyed the menu and settled on a sangria and some yummy tuna tar tar. What a treat! Do I really live here??? I met Marco, the gentleman to my right, and discovered a mutual love for the Spanish language and NYC. Just as tho I was on holiday, I was open to enjoying my surroundings and striking up conversation with strangers, who will easily make new friends. Its like bringing vacay to me! My lifecoach and I have been working together for a little over a year, and one thing that she said that has stuck, and really become a mantra for me is that I am the architect of my own life, and I can build my house in any way I choose.

So what does this mean for me? That my house includes meandering paths on a sunday, the thirst for something new, and rediscovering old neighborhoods with fresh eyes. At least until the next trip.... What do you want to build into your house?