I really do love my city. I am not sure what others mean when they say they “love” San Francisco, but when I say it, it's from the core of my being. Some may say this seems trivial, unimportant, silly, maybe even self serving. But as much as the city feeds me, I feed it. With a deep, guttural love that comes from the inside out. I don’t just see San Francisco as a place to live. It’s a place that feeds my soul, and for that I repay it handsomely with a zestful energy.

I can recall the first day I moved to SF,; 23 years old, wide eyed, settling into a loft apt in the mission with an acquaintance thru friends. I had no idea the prime real estate I had landed, or what great things awaited me. From my first meal of sushi (where had edemame been all my life?) to my first love deep in the heart of the Haight, I was about to really start LIVING.  What I did know that first moment I stepped out of my new apt however, was that I belonged here.


To this day, it is not a feeling that I can describe, but even now in my 40’s, I liken it to how I imagine I will feel when I finally find that partner in life that I am destined to be with. It just fits, no further explanation necessary. No matter the trials and tribulations of city life; parking tickets, our homeless (sad to say) noise, tourists, and who can forget waiting in line…everywhere. There is no other place that I would rather call home. And furthermore, none that has the power to transform me every day. San Francisco is not just a place to live, it’s a place to be alive.