Sayulita feels a lot like home. Just an hour south of Puerto Vallarta, it is a surf town, a hippie enclave and a serene scene. Peace and love are the message here, love your brother and to each his own is a familiar vibe. In fact, all over town there are messages of “mas amor por favor”. (more love please) Dream catchers line the streets, families frolic, and lovers roam.

Sayulita sits in the heart of the jungle with the Pacific Ocean as its backdrop while Its unexpected beauty lies in its diverse terrain. While there are plenty of accommodations on the beach, the best stays are up in the hills surrounded by palm trees and crickets, with the waves crashing like a lullaby in the distance.

The only choices that a person need make on any given day and which way to walk to the beach, and what kind of beer to drink. The feeling is light, a little spacy and a lot of good vibes.

It’s the type of place that allows freedom, and encourages diversity. A tough day is remedied by a swim or a surf, and your back in full chill mode. While wifi is widely available, many of the smaller restaurants and street stalls do not have it, and I for one am grateful for the forced disconnection.

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There is as much or as little as you want to do. There is hiking, biking, sailing and surfing, but equally as appealing there is lounging, sipping and swimming.

For me most days, its sitting on the beach, taking in the people watching, and breaks to dip my feet into the sea. When I came to Sayulita the first time in 2016, I wanted to take advantage of it all; early rising, bike riding, paddle boarding, hiking and yoga. This time around it has been about lazy mornings, French press on the terrace, a good book, and a relaxed pace. I have had a lot of ciestas and even more cervecas. I still find myself fighting the feeling of having to “do” something. But when push comes to shove, your body and your mind set the tone. And for me, everything is pointing in the direction of nothing. Sometimes we have to be lulled into what is best for us. Like Sayulita, I am finding the energy comes from the absence of doing, the art of reflection, and just being.

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