As I head down to yet another beach in another country, I look down at the black linen dress that has been with me the better part of 20 years. When I bought it, it was the most expensive thing I owned living on a meager allowance while in fashion school.  I bought it at Scoop, an upscale east coast boutique which made it feel that much more special. Since then it has traveled with me all over the world; from Thailand, to Mexico, Australia, Morocco, Vietnam, Croatia, Indonesia and beyond. It has served as a beach cover up, a wispy sundress, and a special accompaniment to romantic evenings.

I have laughed in this dress, cried in it, and fallen in love in it. It has been on a bike in France, a beach in Tulum, and on the plaza in Marrakech. I have read amazing stories in it, I have slept in it after long nights out, and danced salsa in it.

This dress has become not just a part of my travels, but also my soul. Part of my messy and wonderful memories. My history.

Pulling it on, after a day of sunning and swimming on the beach in Sayulita, I am reminded once again that along with my weathered flip flops, it is one of my most trusted traveling companions. Holding my secrets, desires and dreams. I have grown up in this dress, and look forward to many more adventures in it.