some days you just need mental health days…..these are not the days that you want to adventure too far, but you still want to capture that familiar feeling of being far away from the doldrums of your daily world.  How can you find this, you ask? I usually start with a coffee at my local bakery, the coffee is divine, and just perusing that case with all its sweet and savory treats takes me away to the streets of France or Italy, just for a moment.  I then carry on to one of my favorite coffee houses where the waft of the coffee is just right, and take out a book or my journal as if I were channeling my deepest emotions along a river or cobblestone street.  When I really want that feeling, I sometimes opt for Belden Lane in the Financial District and swap a yummy glass of red wine for that double espresso.  It usually involves outdoor seating and some fabulous accessories.  That’s the beauty of mental health days, they usually double as faux holidays, where the pace of life is slower, you have time to accessorize just right, and you can stop to smell the coffee (or cabernet) as it were….