You know when you are on holiday, even as an adventurer, and some of the most satisfying and contented moments are when you are quiet, by yourself with a cup of whatever the cultural fare appeals to you? You might be reading a book, or checking your Facebook page, posting on a blog, or just being.  You know how that feels? It feels like you are miles away from your everyday life; away from the monotony of routine, from the beat of the hum drum. I am so lucky to feel like that many weekend when I am no further than a few blocks from my apartment. For me, it is found in vibrant coffee houses in the mission, or a quiet neighborhood wine bar on in nob hill... Sometimes, it comes from my “local” the fave breakfast spot down the street, or even at my local pub (don’t judge me, it’s five o’clock somewhere!) The point is friends, that sometimes finding that holiday feeling, the vibrant chatter of diversity like you might find in the streets of London, or the quiet rolling sounds of waves that wake you on the beach outside your hut in Ko Phi Phi, doesn’t even require a drive….only your willingness to roll out of bed and take a walk in your neighborhood….