so last year I took a trip to Tulum, thinking I would get away, do some yoga, find my center and meet some new people. Admittedly, I did read that it was where many people from the bay are finding their “inner hippy” however, I was not deterred.  I had been to Tulum many years prior, and was taken by it’s quiet charm, and rustic feel. As soon as I arrived to my new residence for the next seven days, I was immediately struck by the european contingent of people that for whatever reason, I was not expecting.  There were certainly Americans about, but not nearly as many English words as german were being spoken at the hotel bar. As I set out to explore the town on my bike with it’s basket and charming “click, click, click” of the pedal on its way out….I noticed something, there sure are a lot of fabulous people here, beautiful in that retro vintage way, the re-invented hippies….those who said “namaste” in passing instead of “groovy”.  Wait a minute, I recognize these people.  I have seen them before. Where have I encountered this new breed of hippies….oh my god……the hipsters have bread, and infiltrated Mexico!  Well, at least Tulum.  If you can’t beat em, join em.  And I happily pedaled myself off to my yoga class. “Namaste”…..